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About AHS

The Aldershot History Society was formed in 2013 from The Aldershot Historical and Archaeological Society (AHAS) which began in 1980. It holds monthly public meetings on the 4th Wednesday of many months, which anyone is welcome to attend. The society meets at the St John Ambulance Hall in Aldershot (see the Contact page for a map). The upcoming meetings can be found on the Programme page. Meetings start at about 7.30pm and end when the speaker has completed the talk, usually about 9.00pm.

The New Website

A new website is being produced for the Society, and is being tested. Please go to www.aldershothistorysociety.com and if you have any comments (constructive!) please let the webmaster know.

Important Notice

My name is Julie Considine and last year I joined the Aldershot History Society at the AGM in May and found myself volunteering as the Secretary. I understand from others that membership has declined over the last few years and there was talk at the AGM of closing the society. However some of us have stepped forward to keep the committee going but we now need members to support us.

We have some ideas about how we can re-energise the society, these being based around the huge amount of local knowledge and resources that so many people have through their own personal connections with the area having live or worked here, along with family members through the generations.

We wish to make the society more about the members and welcome people to volunteer to take a subject they are interested in; schools, local businesses, the theatres are some examples. It would be good to work with others with like minds to build a community within the society for areas of research, recording this on the website and creating a rich resource and publications which can range from an information sheet to a booklet to a published book that we can share with the world. There is work in progress to bring the look of the website up to date and offer new features and I hope it will be live soon.

We have a schedule for the next season. The format has changed slightly with more social based evenings for informal discussions and having the formal talks on a subject of interest to every other meeting. Also to encourage people back the membership fee has been put at 10 for 2014-2015. To join please contact me on the email below or come along to any meeting.

The society will be nothing without the members, the first meeting will be a discussion on how we start that journey together so please bring along ideas, suggestions and enthusiasm, I hope to see you there.

AHS Secretary aldershothistory@gmail.com

Aims of the Society

  1. To promote interest in historical matters relating to the parish of Aldershot and adjoining locality;
  2. To encourage members to take part in research; and
  3. To organise such activities as are necessary to achieve these objectives.